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2008-11-02, 14:06
...I have noticed inconsistencies in player synchornization behavior based on whether you set up synchronization with the remote on the players, or from the setup functionality in Squeezecenter. With the latter, it works reliably and can be set up.

But I can't set up synchronization with more than *one* other player from the remote on the player itself.

Has anyone else noticed that? I have four players in the house right now, and only two of them can be synched at the time with the SB3 remote or Boom remote (not sure if I tried from Duet). as soon as you try to add another one it forgets about the last player you wanted to synch with.

From the low-right settings tab in Squeezecenter I can set up the desired functionality under players->synchronize, and it works. It is just a tad inconvenient to have to rush to the computer to set up synchronizations among the 4 players.

2008-11-04, 01:01
The paradigm from the player-UI (remote) is that a player joins a sync-group, not that another player is joined to this sync-group. This is the opposite to the SBC; sort of the difference between push vs. pull. To add a player to an existing sync-group, use the remote on the player that is not yet in the sync-group and instruct it to join.

Currently the SBC, player-UI and Web-UI interfaces are inconsistent. In SC 7.3 they will all adopt the player-UI-style interface. Although there are some circumstances in which this is less powerful than the current SBC interface, it seems to be what users are most comfortable with.