View Full Version : more on Digital Output Quality

2004-04-15, 23:11
I had hoped to post this to ken's thread however posts from my news
client are being refused by the server...

I'm running a system much like Ken's, streaming only flac to an external
DAC and then to a highy quality 2 channel system. I have replaced my
transport with the SB. Infact the digital out is the main reason I
purchased the SB. :)

I've installed the 5.1 build and I agree that it does sound better then

The digital volume control can not be turned off in the 5.1.1 Vesrion 8
software. With the digi volume off hit the volume control and you will
see that it is still active. Perhaps this explains the differences we
are hearing.

Repeat Off is broken too.

I've had my SB for a couple weeks now and I love it, great stuff guys!!!