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2008-11-01, 08:49

I'm a bit new to the party, but there are some things I'd like to ask the Slim community, to try to get a better idea about a possible setup.

I'm wondering about the interference of several Receivers in a server cabinet- does anybody have any experience related to this?

We've got a fairly large house, which is very minimalistic in decoration; we chose to have as little as possible in each room. Speakers, and associated wires and devices were one thing that we wanted to avoid. There are in total 13 rooms (bedrooms, kitchen, living room, office 1, office 2, hallways, bathroom 1, bathroom 2, ...). Half of these rooms are already kitted out with cabling for speakers in the ceiling (Artsound), and each room has at least one RCA connection. (I figured redundant cabling to be cheaper than putting in a new ceiling every now and then).

All cabling comes together in a technical room - where amplifiers are stocked, network is patched, domotics for lighting is controlled, etc.
So that's all good ...

I was wondering - as the cable is already in place - would it be a good solution to put several Receivers in the technical space?
All amplifiers that are now connected to the existing speakers are already stored there (3 amps, each 2 stereo speakers) - and the Slim Receiver output could just be connected to these amps immediately.

With the Controller - or similar devices in the future - it should be feasible to control every zone - unless there is interference of course, from the wireless signals ...

Does anybody here have any experience what happens if you put two or more Receivers next to each other - do you get interference?

Another question - more related to the specific setup I'm trying to get at - I want to save a trip to the technical room each time I'd like to listen to sound, to power on the amplifier for that zone. Is there a way the Receiver can somehow, I don't know - give a signal? In essence, this signal can be a kind of vcommand or similar, as to integrate with the domotics (Vantage) that we are running ...

I'm looking to improve my setup as it is right now, which is just a bit of an ad-hoc solution:
debian server with remote desktop, and the power to an amp is interrupted or allowed by a button in the zone, on a control panel, through the domotics (simple relais, on or off). This leaves me no option for the volume control, track choice, etc. - unless I have a VNC to the server, and that can be a bit slow sometimes (iphone connects to wireless, password input for idle Gnome, and a user always has to be logged in too).

There's more than enough room for improvement, in other words ;)

I'm just wondering about all this, before I'd do a purchase, I'd be interested for all this to become a little clearer ...

Thank you in advance, your advice is much appreciated!

Mark Miksis
2008-11-01, 09:04
Maybe I don't fully understand your setup, but if your networking (router and/or switch) is also based in the "technical space", you can just connect the receivers using Ethernet. I wouldn't expect any major problems anyway, but IMO wired is always preferred if it can be done easily.

2008-11-01, 09:16
Yes, as Fletch says, wired if possible- but according to this photo it doesn't look like interference would be a problem: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showpost.php?p=271794&postcount=8 . Maybe Radish can comment on whether they were ever both in use at the same time.

As for turning the amps on/off, the Duet Receivers don't have a headphone output, but the SB3 (squeezebox classic) does. IR blasting via the headphone output can be used to send signals to the amps for powering on, if the amp has such an input. I think some other amps auto sense the RCA signal to control power, but it doesn't sound like yours do. If that were the case perhaps one SB3 and one cheaper SB Receiver could be hooked to each amp, so the SB3 could turn it on when needed.

2008-11-01, 19:30
Heh, I wondered if anyone would remember that photo :) There are no problems stacking them, wired or wireless - although if everything's in one room I would absolutely recommend wiring it all. Throw a switch in the rack and you're set.

Another option from what Skunk mentioned for control would be X10, there are plugins which will interface to a PC-based X10 control and switch devices on and off.

2008-11-02, 08:45

I totally overlooked the option of hooking it all together over cable - silly, really ... I was so caught up in the potential uses, and where I would get the best connection and so on, I did not think of it ...
just goes to show that some people are very selective to remember certain things, I guess :)

that already answers the first question - thank you very much!

I will be looking into the poweron issue a bit more, as I use relais right now - but indeed, since the receivers are sending some juice to the amps for amplification, we might be able to read it out, and use the relais in that case

The amps that I'm using now are pretty simple - off-the-shelf gear around 250 euros / dollars, nothing special at all
There are some connections in the rear that I have not checked yet though - but we'll get there.

Thanks all, again, for the remark - I promise to be a bit less daft from now on ;)