View Full Version : How to display wireless channel?

2008-11-01, 06:52
I'm having some wireless issues and wanted to show which wireless channel is in use by my SB3 and receiver. However I can't see any way to do this either on the SB's Info page or on SC's Status page in the Player Info section.

Any ideas how to show this?

(It would really help if there was some kind of Network Health page in SC with, say, a traffic light indicator for each player and that could do network throughput tests etc. to each)

2008-11-01, 07:24
The settings page of your router will show it, which is where you'd have to go should you decide to change it anyway. Mine is at on my local network.

2008-11-01, 07:30
Mr B,i presume you are using a modem/router with wireless capability.
if you have a look at your router's web page you will be able to see/change which channel your SB3 and Receiver is transmitting on.
my own router's i.p. address is and this is the modem/router's administration page where you can check/change many settings.
in SqueezeCenter/Settings/Information you can do a quick network test at various bitrates.
Slim Devices Community/WIKI also has a very extensive range of information will answer most queries.


2008-11-01, 07:41
The wireless router is set to "Auto" for the channel #, so I wanted to see which one had been selected (not sure of the selection algorithm).

Edit: Doh, just spotted the Wireless Status page which says it's using channel #1.

I looked at using netstumbler (as apparently it can show which channels are already active) but it won't work on my laptop (or its wireless adapter), but that's another story ... :-(

So I guess it's now a matter of trial and error ...