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2008-10-31, 05:58
I am drawn to the Squeezebox solution to computer audio for a number of reasons, open source and open standards being among them.

As I understand it the only software that is not "free" is that associated with the receiving hardware. That seems a reasonable business model. Slim/Logitech have to have some income from the project or there would be no hardware.

I do wonder if Loigitech will licence this hardware/software solution so it may be incorporated into other manufactures solutions.

It would be nice to have an open standard for audio streaming - that would facilitate development and enable users to attach whatever hardware took their fancy to the same network.

At the moment Apple, Sonos and Logitech and Linn have different standards, and there are various multimedia network boxes appearing. As others jump into the market it will get even more fragmented.

Have I understood the issues correctly?

2008-10-31, 08:47
A couple of notes here:

1. The core of the SqueezeCenter software is licensed under the GPL. Some components that are packaged with it are not (installers, some graphics, fonts, etc...), so redistributing a version of SqueezeCenter that uses these would require some kind of license with Logitech.

2. The protocols are completely open and folks are welcome to build clients to connect to SqueezeCenter.

3. The firmware in the Squeezebox 1/2/3/Classic/Boom/Receiver/Transporter is closed source, alas, due to some restrictions from the manufacturer of our CPU chip.

4. The software running on the Squeezebox Controller and SqueezePlay is open and licensed under the Logitech Public Source License, which has some restrictions on redistribution but is available for licensing.

5. We welcome OEMs and other partners who want to license hardware or software. PM me if you are interested!

2008-10-31, 09:10
5. We welcome OEMs and other partners who want to license hardware or software. PM me if you are interested!

Thanks for your prompt an official response.

I am just on very new and interested end user, so I won't be applying for manufacturing licences. I do, however, see some sort of format waras streaming becomes more common. It would be better for users and manufacturers if such nonsense could be avoided. iTunes won't even play or stream FLAC - what nonsense.

I just took delivery of my AB3 an hour ago. I have has Squeezecentre installed for a while and have been getting used to it with Softsqueeze. The hardware looks nicely made.

I look at the Transporter and its price (which I could afford), but do I want to pay the premium, given that I have a competent DAC already? Most music available is still 16/44 and looking to the future 24/96 may not be good enough for the best classical downloads.

So I am find my way forward slowly.

Thanks for your time and interest