View Full Version : Get OS message on start since version 7.2 (I think) (Mac OS X)

2008-10-31, 05:25
I get the OS message ""SqqueezeCenter" is an application which was downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?"

Normally you get this one time when you download something. Once you open it once the OS never presents this messsage again, but it comes up every time with SqueezeCenter.

Has anyone else seen this? How can I make it stop?

2008-10-31, 06:12
well I moved the prefpane from /Library/... to /~/Library/...
That fixed it, I suppose this is a rights issue, I could probably fix and leave it avail to all users, but it is fine like this.

2008-11-09, 13:12
If you set it to start when you log in, this problem still occurs on 7.2.1.

But if you set it to start when the system boots, presumably it's run as a different user and so does actually start automatically.