View Full Version : Squeezebox Duet & 48kHz problem

2008-10-30, 14:21
My Audio Note DAC-2 & CEC DX 51 indicate signal from Squeezebox Duet as 48kHz (optical & spdif input).

I'm using Van den Hul OPTOCOUPLER optical cable and coax Kimber D-60.

From CD transport (PS Audio Lambda II) signal is normal (44.1kHz).
Audio Note DAC 2 & CEC DX 51 with CD transport (PS Audio Lambda II) shows signal as normal (44.1kHz).
I have problem (indicate 48kHz) only with Duet, because 44.1 khz files (ripped from CD) the Duet showing as a 44.8 khz.

I'm using only wav & flac files, ripped from CD (44.1kHz/16, EAC).
SqueezeCenter work on my little home server (PC with Windows XP Prof).

I have placed on youtube a short film about Duet & 48kHz problem.


I switch on movie between CD transport PS Audio Lambda(44.1 kHz) & Squeezebox(48 kHz). DAC indicate signal as 44.1 kHz & 48 kHz.

Is the software or hardware problem?