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2008-10-29, 13:12

I have been a long time SqueezeCenter (SlimServer) user and just installed the latest 7.2.1 upgrade on a Windows machine. But, I now have a baffling behavior I haven't seen before. When I use a media player (like VLC) to listen to the stream (using the .../stream.mp3 URL), it will play fine for a minute or two and then just quit. The strangest thing is that I've tried again and again and most times it quits playing at 1 min 16 secs into the stream. Same time almost everytime. What's even weirder is that a few times it will play longer and quit at 2 mins 32 secs. Of course, I noticed this was exactly twice the length of time of most of my tries. I've never had this issue and have gone through many upgrades before. I am completely stumped on what this could be and how to fix it. Any ideas?


2008-10-29, 17:51
Hi -

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A bug has been submitted for this and it has been fixed. It is awaiting to be released in an official release. If you use one of the nightly builds, you can get the fix too.


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2008-10-29, 21:49
Thanks for the reply! I downloaded the latest 7.2.x nightly build and that took care of it! Those darn bugs :)

Anyway, I'm so happy it's working again. It really is a great piece of software.