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David Cullen
2004-04-15, 01:27
JQ - these folk in the UK have the wired one for 179 inc VAT and shipping
(the only place on the net that appears to have the wired one). 18 more
than if you were to end up paying 17.5% VAT when it came into the UK...

ie. $199 + 17.5% = $234 + $55 = $289 = 161 = give or take a few pennies
depending on exchange rate etc. Also can't remember if UK customs charge an
admin fee or not..

Of course it might come in and not get caught and then you'd be quids in!!


Wondering which way to go myself!

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Anyone have any idea if this price saving is going to be available over
here in the UK. The $55 shipping cost from the US hurts a bit, but the
standard pricing for the Squeezebox wired doesn't seem to have changed
anywhere over here.

Would I be best ordering from the US and paying the shipping, or hanging
fire if the UK pricesa re going to catch up with the US?



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Andy Kelk
2004-04-15, 01:32
David Cullen wrote:
> Of course it might come in and not get caught and then you'd be quids in!!
> Wondering which way to go myself!

Definitely don't bank on not getting taxed. As it comes via one of the
major carriers (DHL I think), they have to declare everything when it
lands. You are highly unlikely to get away without paying the import
duty which adds another 50 or so onto the cost.


Tom Newton
2004-04-16, 14:11
Patrick Cosson wrote:

> The UK currency will follow the Euro because the value of the trade
> between

Pounds Sterling.. aka "legacy currency" :)


Tom Newton (Leeds, UK)