View Full Version : MP3tunes, Music Locker - outages!

2008-10-28, 21:41
There have been several times when trying to access MP3tunes Music Locker that the service is down. For those fellow Music Locker subscribers out there, how satisfied are you with the uptime of this service?

2008-10-29, 14:53
There was a period of time last night where a server issue caused a subset of lockers to respond slowly. If a locker contains a lot of data, the request may have timed out. Sorry about that.

Everything should be functioning normally now. If you are still having problems accessing your locker through a device, send me a PM with your login email address (not your password) and I'll check out your account. If anyone else has a problem accessing a locker from one of the supported Logitech devices, let me know and I'll investigate.