View Full Version : Practical limits for squeezebox

2008-10-28, 13:47
I'm considering buying a duet and running my music collection through it. My concern is I have a very large collection of 100,000+ tracks. Will the system handle that number in any kind of smooth fashion? Currently I use a laptop to interface with my web server running Ampache as a jukebox. It works well but I need to replace the laptop and the cost seems good on the duet as compared to a new laptop.

2008-10-28, 14:30
That should be fine for squeezecenter.

SqueezeCenter is free, you can download it now and give it a try to see what you think before you buy. It even includes a Squeezebox simulator called SoftSqueeze, and there is a Duet Controller simulator in beta (7.3 version)