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2008-10-28, 12:20
I'm brand new here - got my Squeezebox Boom delivered and set up an hour ago. So far, it seems like a very cool device. I have a question about the LMA. When I do an artist search, I get a small subset of what the same artist search would return on the LMA search. For example, Railroad Earth only shows up with 8 shows for 2008, but many more than that are in the archive.

Any ideas?

2008-12-20, 12:22
so that it matches what I see when I log onto the actual Live Music Archive site?
I work around it by downloading a concert, importing it into itunes, then create a Playlist, rescan my music library, and then play it back through the Music Library screen.
But it would be nice if the SqueezeCenter synchronized updates so that direct playback could be engaged right from the LMA link on the menu.

Anyone else with me and Jehma on this?

If you aren't logged in, hit me at;


2009-01-25, 10:11
I am as frustrated as well. I listen to the Grateful Dead quite a bit, and part of the rationale for buying my Duet was to tie it into LMA.

From looking at the LMA plugin, it looks like it only reads the OPML files located on the www.squeezenetwork.com site. The plugin is not actually browsing the www.achive.org site where the LMA is located as one might expect.


It looks like what might be happening is that the OMPL files at the squeezenetwork site are not being updated on a frequent basis. Its very easy to export RSS feeds to OPML, but it does not look like this is being done.

Maybe we should ask the www.squeezenetwork.com folks to update their OPML files more frequently.

2009-01-25, 11:22
The way we update our LMA database is ugly, LMA does not have a good way to export their information for us, so we use a really slow search engine query nightly to update it. Unfortunately, this server goes down a lot and appears to be down right now.

2009-01-26, 19:18
There does seem to be more interest in the Grateful Dead portion of the LMA, so being extremely selfish, maybe you can point your search engine at that section of the LMA when it is up since it seems to be off by about 25% of the total shows.

2009-02-15, 18:48
I'd love for these files to be updated more frequently as well. The LMA on the squeezebox is a beautiful thing - and even better if we can browse all that's there.

2009-02-18, 14:36
I've noticed that there do seem to be more shows popping up lately (last month or two) when searching Grateful Dead in LMA on the Squeezebox. Something must be getting updated more frequently than it used to. :0)


2009-06-13, 06:24
I've noticed that the latest shows we have access to are from December of 2008. Very disapointing.

2009-06-13, 19:42
The LMA reports 3564 bands with 65392 items, while Squeezecenter shows only 2303 artists.

Over 1/3 of the bands on the LMA are missing from Squeezecenter!

2009-06-14, 19:28
I've been bugged by the mismatches too, since LMA is one of my favorite things about the squeezebox. I really hope this gets sorted out so that evertyhing can be kept reasonably up to date.

2009-10-01, 15:11
Now that its an "app" it should work properly, right?

2009-10-01, 16:19
There does seem to be more interest in the Grateful Dead portion of the LMA, so being extremely selfish, maybe you can point your search engine at that section of the LMA when it is up since it seems to be off by about 25% of the total shows.

Don't forget the Radiators too (lots of good stuff on LMA).

venus light
2010-01-04, 13:38
It looks like there are still a lot of shows missing - mostly more recent ones.

Is there any way we can manually update this a little more often?

2010-01-04, 15:41
I filed a support ticket a while ago, and it was closed by someone who apparently didn't understand the problem. I listen to the LMA a lot, and would really like to see this fixed. It hasn't been updated in over a year!

2010-01-05, 04:00
Can we use the RSS feed? The Rss Feed can be found here:


Maybe I could write a program that would download the RSS nightly to our local SBS, and then we could add this "local" RSS feed. That way it will load quickly and be very responsive GUI.

I think if sling trys to load http://www-tracey.archive.org/services/collection-rss.php?collection=GratefulDead it will be too slow and unresponsive.

I am good at programming, but new to SB... so need some guidance. Could I build a "Dead" app? It could expose several browse methods:

Charlie Miller
Quality (soundboard vs mic vs fm)


Would it be better to convert the RSS data to OPML data? I think it would be nicer to have a proper App, because of the sheer amount of dead recordings is staggerleeing.

2010-08-01, 10:17
I've contacted Logitech support about this and they suggested trying to rally support for:


The developers prioritize the bugs they work based on customer impact (ie. Importance in bugzilla) so the more votes this bug gets the better the shot at getting a proper fix.

Ideally the fix will involve building the LMA content dynamically rather than having to hope for periodic (ie. infrequent) DB updates.