View Full Version : Bad track order on Duet controller

2008-10-27, 12:46

Sorry if this has been answered but I'm new to the forum and SqueezeBox.

I have a SB Duet (love it!) and I am having a strange problem. On some of my albums the sort order for the tracks is not in track order. I am using my iTunes music library as the SC library. In both iTunes and SC the tracks appear in the correct order but on the controller they don't. It does not do it for all albums, only a few. I have narrowed it down to MP3 albums that I have purchased online from Amazom or downloaded elsewhere. Again it is not all purchased or downloaded albums, only a few. For example, the album 'Long Road Out of Eden' by The Eagles was purchased and downloaded from Amazon. Track order is correct in iTunes and SC but not on the controller. What is going wrong and how do I correct it?

I am running SC 7.2.1 and have the latest upgrades for the Duet receiver and controller. This problem existed under 7.2 also. Don't know about previous versions since 7.2 is the first I ran.


2008-10-28, 22:59
Anyone have any clue?