View Full Version : Controller - what plans for extended IR control?

2008-10-27, 01:15
Does the Controller have the potential to be a programmable IR remote? If so, are there any plans (short, medium or long term) to extend its capability in this direction.


2008-10-27, 02:50
Hi there

Check out this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=49513


2008-10-27, 04:38
Thanks Felix

I couldn't decide from the thread whether or not the implemetation of flexible IR control was likley to get on the official development roadmap or would be left to others to develop it further. Is that project still active do you know? I would love to be able to control just the volume of my main amp using the Controller

The Moog
2008-10-27, 05:55
I am in exactly the same boat,

the only use for my current hi-fi remote is to control the volume/mute my preamp. Would be great to be able to do this via the Controllers IR and be able to lose another remote in the process!

As I also have a several other SqueezeBox devices, and it would be great for the Controller to be able to recognise which use IR for the volume and which don't when switching between them (and for the ones that do just have a 'Volume Up' 'Volume Down' icon on the display rahter than the volume bar).

The Moog

2008-10-27, 18:43
This would be THE biggest improvement possible to to The Controller. With IR control for my amp it would be, in my opinion, perfect.

2008-10-28, 07:50
Any comment from the development teams as to the likelyhood of this feature making it onto the 'Controller roadmap'?



2008-10-28, 09:05
If the controller were to add IR functionality (and thus universal remote capabilities), I would be extremely excited. If it were to add Harmony One style power (and you know you can do it, Logitech - you make both devices) I would put it on a pedestal and worship it.