View Full Version : Odd 'Can't connect to SC' issue

2008-10-26, 12:45
My SB3 often has trouble in reconnecting to SC (7.2) when cold booted. It seems to boot successfully but fails at the last step. I manually went through all the network config steps to verify that it was just the SC connect that was the issue.

However from the SC PC itself I was surprised to find that I couldn't ping the SB3 on the address that it said it had obtained. I dug a little deeper and "arp -a" showed that the ip address was indeed mapped to the SB3's MAC address but ping still didn't work. I moved the SB3 next to the wireless router with no change.
Finally I tried rebooted the wireless router (Linksys WRT54GX-v2 WPA2 firmware 2.00.20) even though other wireless devices were working, and suddenly the SB3 connected to SC just fine. It is also pingable.

Any ideas what went wrong? I really don't think that it's just the router that's at fault here.