View Full Version : Customising a Duet controller

Northern Exposure
2008-10-26, 09:26
Has anyone any experience of a customised duet controller? The modification is by a firm called 'audiocom international' (www.audiocom-uk.com). I am interested in their 'digital' upgrade which is priced at 119. Various claims are made on their website e.g improved detail, more natural tones etc.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried this upgrade.

Also, am I alone in thinking that there is an audible difference between flac and wav played through the duet? I am currently feeding into a Beresford DAC. The wav files sound slightly 'fuller' or is it just my imagination? Having read a number of comments on this subject, most appear to suggest that you cannot actually hear any difference.


2008-10-26, 10:21
Is the mod applied to the controller or the receiver?

Northern Exposure
2008-10-26, 12:14
its to the receiver. The website lists two ways of upgrading - digital or analogue; depending on how the receiver outputs. As I'm feeding a Beresford DAC, it's the digital route I'm interested in. The web site lists lots of techi notes about improving power supply rail and wet electrolytic capacitors! Doesn't mean a lot to me but if it sounds better .... worth a try. Just interested - whether anyone has tried it and also if its value for money.