View Full Version : Feature Request: YouTube Plugin

2008-10-26, 03:23
We've had the discussion here, which other music sources SC could support.
I've got an additional favorite: YouTube!

I don't care for the video, just a single frame as cover art would be perfectly fine, but I find myself searching for Music I don't have and want to discover, mainly through YouTube. There's simply everything there.

But having the sound on my stereo and being able to set favorites in SC would be a gas...

2008-10-26, 15:36
Am I the only one?

2008-10-26, 15:42
No you're not. I cam across a site the other day that was basically a front end search for YouTube but only did the audio... you could search through the YouTube music videos and then create audio-only playlists from them.
I thought it was a great idea.

Unfortunately I can't remember the name or url. :-(


2008-10-27, 05:11
You may think about http://songza.com