View Full Version : Songs stutter/skip - where do I start?

2008-10-26, 02:37
HP T5720 AMD Geode™ NX 1500 1.0 GHz,512 MB DDR SDRAM,512 MB Flash RAM
Fedora 9 Live USB
Squeezecenter SqueezeCenter Version: 7.2.1 - 23448 installed on Fedora on USB stick
Music on mounted network drive
2 SlimP3s on a wired network
Music mostly MP3s, some wav, some wma
Latest Alien BBC installed, with mplayer, lame and ffmpeg

When I play music it seems to stutter, skip, stop sometimes comes up "rebuffering"
Radio seems to play fine (says 128kb)

Where do I start in trying to figure out how/where to fix this? Is it a hardware issue? Is it a software/setting issue?


2008-10-26, 13:03
Spent all day on this trying to understand. Have lame installed, have mplayer installed - works fine according to the test.

radio plays fine - no skipping at all - so I figure it is a server problem. I have set and unset a zillion options - nothing seems to work. I have set the slimp3 player from 320 down to 64 - no luck. I have set - via adv->network (I think) the max wma bitsream rate from 320-128 and back (don't know why but I did) - no change.

its a slimp3 so there is no network test available.
i have set via adv-perforamnce service priority to 20 - no change.


2008-10-26, 15:54
I uninstalled and re-installed squeezecenter. Problem still exists. I've read wiki troubleshooting, googled, read forums - and still can't figure it out.

Any ideas anyone?

2008-10-26, 16:19
What is the CPU load on the server like when it is stuttering ?

2008-11-01, 02:30
Um I have to admit of being sucha Linux newbie that I don't know how to find that out. Will have a look.

Mark Lanctot
2008-11-05, 07:56
Um I have to admit of being sucha Linux newbie that I don't know how to find that out. Will have a look.

Try "top" on a command line. Since you're using a SliMP3, I assume you'll be doing a lot of transcoding using LAME - look for the "lame" process.

An AMD Geode is a very low-performance CPU. It will definitely have a problem running lame. Rather than playing around with bitrate, you may want to look Settings - Player - Audio - LAME quality level. Increase it. Warning, don't set it very low or you will freeze the server. A setting of 0 brought my old P4 2.8 GHz server to its knees, and it is even a formidable challenge for my current 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo.

2008-11-08, 13:09
I gave up and converted all my WMA to MP3s and everything works fine. Ah well. Thanks for the tips.