View Full Version : "now playing" display on SB3

2008-10-25, 15:37
I have my SB3 set to display the song title followed by artist, but I would much prefer it to simply display of each of these tags in succession rather than side scrolling. Is there any way to set this, or has anyone written a mod that supports this?
thanks a bunch,

2008-10-25, 16:30

i don't know a plug in that can achieve what you want exactly - but MusicInfoSCR from M Herger allows a lot of flexibility to customize display formats. You should have a look, it could provide you with the option split of info you require. And since he wrote this originally, he has become a Slim employee, so he knows what he is doing. He has a current posting in the plug ins section.



2008-10-25, 20:04
hey, thanks! It doesn't look like it can do this but it seems like an improvement so I'll give it a try!