View Full Version : How to know music format of music tracks in squeezecenter and duet?

2008-10-25, 13:50
Within squeezecenter, is there a way to display the encoding format of tracks listed in a playlist or in the left hand panel when artist->album->tracks are being displayed? When viewing the "Now Playing" screen on the duet, is there a way

to navigate to determine this information (or any other detailed info pertaining to the track)?

This seems to be a serious deficiency in the software.

2008-10-25, 14:04
There is a menu called 'More Info' off of each track that contains all of those details.

2008-10-25, 14:36
I presume you are referring to duet functionality?
I see no such option in squeezecenter.

How do I activate 'More Info' from the 'Now Playing' panel on the duet?

2008-10-25, 14:40
Do you mean on the Controller or in the web interface?

In the Web Interface, click on the song name. On the controller, click the center button (maybe twice) then scroll down to More Info.

You can use use the Custom Browse plugin so as only to show tracks of a certain format in your library, I believe (in the web interface).

2008-10-25, 15:00
I thought that Duet refers to the renote controller and squeezecenter refers to the web interface?

OK - I see the 'Song Info' link now within squeezecenter - thanks.

Also the double click works in duet as well - thanks again.

Wish this particular info was more readily visible though.