View Full Version : boxes and lines...changing network

2008-10-25, 10:11
I have changed my wireless network, so the squeezebox didn't work. In the process of trying to get the new network to work, trying to enter the key I hit some different buttons on the remote and now all I can see on the screen of the squeezebox is boxes and lines.
It doesn't help to unplug and replug.
It shows Logitech and right after comes the boxes and lines and they go on and on.
It doesn't help me to hit any button on the remote, not even the shut down button.
Is my squeezebox kaput?


2008-10-25, 11:23
Try a hard reset of the Squeezebox (is this a SBclassic btw?). Unplug power, press and hold down the add button the remote, plug power back in (whilst continuing to hold down add). Any improvement?

2008-10-25, 11:57
Thanks a lot, it worked just fine.