View Full Version : SqueezeCenter not starting after installation of 7.3

2008-10-25, 06:32

I finally took the plunge into 7.3. Installed the yesterday nightly (23679) over my well working 7.2.1 and installation seemed to work fine, but then squeezecenter never started. I thought it might be something wrong with the nightly so also updated it with last night's nightly (23686) but it didn't help! So I'm stuck, can't get SqeezeCenter to start. Grateful for any help!


2008-10-25, 08:29
Zevs, can you provide some more info on your installation, i.e.are you using a Windows or Linux system?.
i am currently using ver 7.3 and although it is still in it's "Beta" stage i find it works very well.
no official support is available on betas, but i'm sure with a wee bit more info you'll find plenty of assistance here.


2008-10-25, 08:48
Hi Dennis!

Sorry for not giving more info. I'm on Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit Service Pack 1, and I have AVG 8 as my Firewall. I uninstalled AVG completely though but that didn't help, so now I have reinstalled it again. When I restart Windows I get a message that mysqld.ex stopped working and was closed. My squeeztray keeps blinking. so not getting started. When I look at services it seems that I can start SqueezeMySQL in the service window, but in services in Widows task manager I don't seem to be able to start the same service, it starts up on some port (PID), but then after a few seconds just stop again. I can reach squeezeNetwork on my SB3 and also on my Boom, but on the Duet I can't connect to anything it seems. Hope this is useful info, please let me know if there is any other info I can provide.


2008-10-25, 19:06
Is there no one who has any idea of why I can't get 7.3 started on my computer, no one who have had the same problem ? Grateful for any help with this, it is so frustrating not to be able to use SqueezeCenter any more.


2008-12-13, 13:10
Same problem - installing and SqueezeCenter 7.3 will not strat (Windows XP Servicepack 3). Restarting my laptop has no effect.

2008-12-13, 14:06
I run under Linux, so this may not apply, but I had to delete my database to get 7.3 to start. Initially it would run and put nothing in the logs, after I rebooted it complained about the database, so I removed the database, it rebuilt and has been working well.

Howard Passman
2008-12-13, 14:32
During any part of the install did it give you an error message and tell you to ignore, abort or retry? If so, let me know and I'll tell you what I did to get around it.

One other thing to always try is download the update again and try loading that one. Sometimes the download gets corrupted.


2009-03-06, 08:20
Have had the same problem , installed 7.4-25367.exe, and it works.(couldn't find my thread in this forum)

2009-03-06, 10:37
having held off 7.3 on a ReadyNas DUO for a couple of months, finally took the plunge and guess what - same problem as others. Squeezecenter won't start.

I get an error message in my browser(s) :
"Failed to Connect

The connection was refused when attempting to contact nnn.nnn.n.nn:9000." (except there are real numbers not n's of course...)

It's the same from Internet Explorer, Firefox and of couse both the Squeezebox and the Duo (they just go into permanent "connecting" mode then die)
I've done some serious frigging about with the ReadyNas (i.e. a complete reset), and the image was validated ok by it, so I don't suspect the ReadyNas. So what has changed? Well I was happily changing Squeezecenter 2 days ago and there is no new software anywhere on my system which may have threatened the port number, I've cleared the cache in the browser. Ho hum can't think of anything except a flakey 7.3, back to 7.2 I guess.

mainly posting this for others to beware.

2009-03-06, 20:34
7.3 is fine. If you're having problems running it on a ReadyNAS you're best off asking for help in the third party forum than posting on an old windows-related thread.