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2008-10-24, 12:46
I am new to Sqeezebox duet. Had a bad time getting up and running due to lack of information with the product and little help from the Logotech site the supplied handbook told me to go to. Fortunately found out about the slimdevices site where I downloaded a handbook
Im running hybrid with a digital stream from the receiver to my DAC The volume control on the duet controller affects the digital signal. I have tried to stop this happening. Settings>audio>Volume adjustment-marking the black dot in no volume adjustment. The volume control is still operative

What am I doing wrong?

Where can I get more info on the product?



2008-10-24, 14:27
I believe the setting you changed on the Controller is for replay gain. To get fixed level you need to go into the web interface, player settings, audio, volume control.

The wiki has some good info but is not presented very logically. It would be nice if you could go to the Duet hardware page and see links to all things Duet, for example. Here is a page on the Controller UI that may have some info not in the manuals: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/ControllerUI . Searching the forums is sometimes the best bet.

2008-10-25, 03:08
Many thanks for your help. Found the setting options in squeezecenter.
Unfortunately the fixed setting is at 100% output level which is overloading my DAC (cyrus DAC-XP). At 100% it looks like its 10db above the level being output by my other fixed digital output devices, CD, DVD and Satellite box.

I cannot see any other options ?? Anyone any ideas.

I could build an attenuator into my digital co ax cable but I would really need an RF attenuator given the frequencies involved

I have to leave it in variable with the risk of someone playing with the VC and overloading my system.


2008-10-25, 05:48
You could try turning replay gain back on if you haven't yet, as long as all your files are tagged with it. That should get you -10dB on some of the louder tracks.