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2008-10-24, 12:08

My name is BoneyMForever, aka, wallace. I am an automation engineer SlimDevices.

I have setup several builds verification systems that run whenever there is a new build. The systems are complete with their own email notifications function, and a web server to parse, present, and archive all tests results.

I am also setting up the Auto Tests web site. To check it out, you can go to eng.slimdevices.com/~wallace, or click the AutomatedTestsSystem link on the wiki.slimdevices.com page.

You can check out the tests results, and can even to some recording of tests tracks.

The site is not too polished yet. I will make it more professional looking.

Any advice and comment is welcome.

2008-10-24, 19:38
Ahh, I see Logitech has the testing thing now. Testing is great, but just don't get too sucked into it. You'll end up with testing on the toilet (http://googletesting.blogspot.com/2007/01/introducing-testing-on-toilet.html). ;-)