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Tim Long
2004-04-14, 08:09
Running the SlimServer under a user account on NT is doable but
non-trivial. You have to think carefully about the permissions required.
In an ideal world the installer would do all this for you but right now
you have to do it manually.

On my system I create a special user account called SlimService. If you
then log in as that user, you can test your file permissions more

The service account needs permissions on the server folders so that it
can do the following:
(1) read & execute the executables
(2) Write to the preferences file.
Normally for Windows, I would give the service account (Read, Read &
Execute, List files and folders) on "C:\Program Files\Slim Devices" and
ensure the permissions propagate to child folders.
I override the permissions on the prefs file and explicitly allow the
service account (Modify) permission on this one file.

In addition, the service account obviously needs permission to read and
list the music files themselves. If the files are on the server local
hard drive it might be enough to simply set the NTFS file permissions
but if the files are on a network share, you need to ensure the service
has sufficient permissions BOTH in the share itself AND the NTFS file
permissions. If you want to save play lists then the service account
needs write permissions to the play list folder and/or share.

--Tim Long

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> On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 22:21, Matt wrote:
> > I'm curious as to why the Slim service won't start on XP
> when I want
> > it to log on with my user account which has already been
> granted "Log
> > on as a service" rights. It will however, start, when it's
> set to log
> > in as Administrator but I'd rather not do that. Any idea? Something
> > about Windows I don't get or is it Slim related?
> Do you have a password on your account? Auto-start services
> won't start unless there's a password.
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