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2004-04-14, 06:36
>>> pfarrell (AT) pfarrell (DOT) com 04/13/04 07:31PM >>>
>When the slimserver starts the first time, it writes out one.
>Not much in it, but enough to get it happy.

Figured out the server portion was getting hung up on a perl
module - Time::HiRes. Once I installed that module, everything
loaded up great.

>This is not normal. Especially with an empty config file.

See above.

>I'm running Fedora One, which is pretty close to RH9.
>How do you start it? the /etc/rc.d/init.d/slimserver script
>really wants to be started while you are root, either su
>or do a
> su -c /etc/rc.d/init.d/slimserver start
>or run it by hand, go to the /usr/local/slimserver directory
>and run the perl script manually.
>you probably should try --d_stdio --d_source . --logfile foo.log

Didn't know it wanted to be root. Changed things around and runs
under slimserver very nicely.

>The basic config for the slimserver is specified in

Saw that the original one was owned by root. Once I
removed that and restarted under slimserver, the
conf file got recreate with the correct permissions.

>Control for the daemon startup and stop is in
>Be careful, is there is no /etc/slimserver.conf, the server will write one
>to ~ and call it ~.slimserver.conf which will not show up when you do
>a casual ls command due to the leading dot

Yeah, found that out too.

>When you start empty, there is no music libarary to scan.
>The first scan takes a while,
>Sometimes it can take so long to scan a large library that
>I get tired of waiting.

I have about 15k songs, and the scan took a little over 2 hours
on a Pentium 200 mhz with 160mb ram. I'm replacing that server
with a 800 mhz server with 256 md ram and tons more hard disk
space. Once I get all my songs loaded on to the new server (about
30k), I expect the scan time will drop, but probably not by much.