View Full Version : Duet Controller fails to select music source

2008-10-24, 03:55
My controller is frequently failing to select a new music source, so for example:-
It was connected to 'Squeeze Centre' in the morning and playing fine when I finish listening I press pause and leave the controller on (the PC then sleeps). If I go home this evening and try to connect to 'Squeeze Network' it will try to connect for a bit and then fail.

I get the same the other way around if I've used 'Squeeze Network' in the morning I can't connect to the PC at night, once I've manually woken the PC it know 'Squeeze Centre' is availble because it lists it as a music source it simply fails to connect.

To resolve the issue 1 or other of the following eventually clears it.
1 - Power off and back on the controller.
2 - Reboot the router.
3 - Issue a DHCP release and renew on the router.
4 - Reboot the PC.

Some further info on my setup.
D-Link router.
- Controller and receiever use DHCP.
- Lease time is 24 hours, when I get this problem still have 12 hours lease left.

'Squeeze Centre' is 7.2

Any ideas please, or let me know if any logging would help sort this out.

I've had problems like this for a long time, however for a month or 2 after I reset the controller and receiever from scratch it seemed to be working better, but now it's back.



2008-10-26, 04:39
Noone got any tips on this? Please don't make me call support.

Interestingly (or not) when I do manage to switch music source now, I always have to wait several minutes for the firmware to be upgraded.

Any help please, otherwise I'll have to get the CD player back out.