View Full Version : Squeezebox Duo and PS3?

2008-10-24, 02:33
I am new to SqueezeBox, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question.

Here's my situation:
I use a Squeezebox to play music from a Windows server. The Squeezebox is connected, using SPDIF, to a decent to a set of loudspeakers with internal DA and amplifiers.

I also have a PS3 for DVD and Blueray playback. For the sound, I would like to connect this to the same set of loudspeakers. However, the loudspeakers only has one SPDIF input, so I need to use some kind of SPDIF switch to choose input (Squeezebox or PS3) to the loudspeakers.

But, I was thinking there would be another way to do this. Perhaps the PS3 could work as a source for the Squeezebox? In other words, when I play a DVD/Blueray on the PS3, the sound would be through the Squeezebox to the loudspeakers. This way, I could avoid the SPDIF-switch, and a few cables (which I hate).

Is this possible at all?


2008-10-24, 03:47
I think you'll need a switch box. The SB3 will not decode the (surround) output from the PS3. Even if it could, there is no audio input on the SB3/Duet.

2008-10-24, 09:03
dp the speakers have a analogue (phono) input? If so use either the PS3 or SB3 in analogue. Otherwise its probably a DAC/SPDIF based switch you need.

2008-10-26, 05:18
I realized the loudspeakers has two SPDIF inputs, so need for a switch :-) Thanks anyway!