View Full Version : Support for ASX "starttime" and WMA stream seeking

2008-10-23, 19:25
I was excited to discover that SqueezeCenter now supports seeking in WMA streams.

Can we improve the ASX file support, too? Recent versions of ASX have a "starttime" tag. For example, the following blob in an ASX file says to start three hours into a stream:

<entry ClientSkip="no">
<starttime value="3:0:0.0"/>
<ref href="mms://some.place.com/some-file.asf" />

A number of radio stations -- including KEXP, a favorite -- use this technique to help users pinpoint songs and shows in their streaming archives.

I've written an OPML wrapper around KEXP's streaming archive. Support for "starttime" is the only thing standing in the way of making it awesome:



2008-10-23, 19:32
Actually, we do not support WMA seeking (yet). Oh, you mean seeking in remote WMA streams on Windows Media Servers... then yes, we do.

2008-10-23, 19:34
I'll look into how much work this would be.

2008-10-23, 19:43
Cool, thanks.

My OPML wrapper gives users full access to the streaming archive -- it is dynamic and tied to the published KEXP playlist. Pretty cool if you're a KEXPophile.

One last thing I'd love to do is support KEXP's uncompressed archive. Their stream is strange: they send back a mms:// URL that actually streams an uncompressed WAV file. Based on other forum posts it sounds like SqueezeCenter gets confused and assumes WMV -- and therefore can't play it. How hard a fix is this, too?

2008-11-29, 11:13
Access to the KEXP streaming archive would be tremendous. I've tried to figure out how to set this up on my own, but I'm fairly nontechnical (with respect to programming) so I've been stymied thus far.

2009-08-29, 10:47
Hi - am considering buying a Squeezebox primarily for the purpose of accessing the KEXP streaming archives. But, techno-moron that I am, I have concerns that I won't be able to figure out how to use the above OPML wrapper. Looked at other posts re: OPML on this site, the wiki, etc. but am still clueless. Any (step-by-step) tips for East Coast OPML-dummies on how to get our KEXP John-in-the-Morning fix?

Declan Moriarty
2009-08-30, 12:10
OPML is an XML varient that is used in RSS feeds and Podcast feeds of course. I tried to copy it as a playlist and that didn't work. I then tried to insert it as a repository on the extension downloader. None of these worked. Then I added the feed to the podcasts menu. I went into settings-> podcasts and inserted the feed. The system understood it. On the podcasts menu in Extras it has the KEXP Archive option as a menu item. I was able to play some programs from it successfully.