View Full Version : Skin for Android/Tmobile G1

2008-10-23, 18:22
So this is first time on the forums since everything has worked like a charm on my slim devices (and recently my squeezebox duet).

But I did it - I got a T-Mobile G1 with Android on it - preordered it and it was delivered on Monday. First thing I did was scan in a book and see it find the lowest price on the internet. Second thing I did, was of course, put on some music by connecting to by SqueezeCenter through the wifi.


Some questions though. Neither the Touch or the N770 theme show up correctly - they try to do some fancy things with the header/footer which don't show up correctly. I've been using the Classic theme, but, it's just too much of a pain.

Where can I find other "handheld/mobile" based skins? Has anyone else run into issues with the default skins?

2008-10-23, 23:20
I looked into adjusting some of the skins to fit better on the G1's screen res, but there is a lot of stuff in the css that needs work. Maybe I'll take a look at it this weekend, but I'm way over booked on side projects right now.

2008-10-24, 03:13
You could give the iPeng plugin a go, it is aimed at the iPhone (and has some iPhone specific functionality that won't work on other devices). But it is at least formatted to the correct shaped screen.