View Full Version : 7.2.1 - 'Can't connect to SqueezeCenter' keeps repeating

2008-10-23, 09:50
If a turn on a Squeezebox and the server isn't running I get the following message:

Can't connect to SqueezeCenter.
Left to go back, right to try again.

This message keeps repeating at approximately 10 second intervals until I turn the server on. Since I have at least one Squeezebox plugged into a power strip with my TV and hi-fi, the Squeezebox gets turned on along with the other equipment. I don't always have SqueezeCenter running if I'm not going to listen to music. This message soon gets very irritating so I have to kill the power to the Squeezebox.

I'm sure that previous versions of Slimserver / SqueezeCenter used to make the the Squeezebox screen go blank after the message had been shown once.

Should I raise a bug or is this now the intended behaviour?


2008-10-23, 12:30
see here:

I would love to know when the new firmware revisions will be rolled out - tried the latest 7.3 release, but still getting firmware 116 for my SB3.

2008-10-23, 13:21
Thanks, I guess 30 seconds of this is better than the current situation. Even after reading that bug I can't see why it needs to be so long.