View Full Version : Digital Out Problem with mp3 files - status?

Bill Waldron
2004-04-13, 14:05

> Is the cut-off with every MP3, or only with the first one
> after startup
> of Squeeze? I only get it on the first song after startup.

Happens with every song. It appears that the receiver has to figure out it
is getting a digital signal every time a new song starts. I found a "PCM
fix" feature in my receiver manual that is supposed to fix such problems for
CDs, but it doesn't help with the Squeezebox.

This is something I'm displeased with (my Audiotron worked fine with the
optical output), but I'm willing to be patient, as I trust that a fix will
be provided in the near future. It is nice to have a display I can actually
read from my listening position--my middle-aged eyes couldn't handle the
Audiotron display any longer!