View Full Version : Voice Activated Squeeze Center?

2008-10-22, 17:10
I've written a smart-house utility to control my lights in my house via voice command over a network of microphones wired up in my house. Since I have squeezebox receivers all over my house, it only made sense to add them to my app.

What do you guys think? anything you'd care about ? It doesn't have much of a practical use.. but maybe I'd polish it up if anybody cares...

2008-10-22, 17:16
More shots of it

2008-10-22, 18:46
I am always interested in ways to simplify the user experience for guests, casual users, and the elderly. Does your system require a lot of voice training or is it speaker independent? Could a stranger speak a command to select something from a short pre-defined list, as in "play billy Joel" or "play Capitol Radio"?

2008-10-22, 19:57

Can't say I'd use it right away, but if I ever get around to hooking up a cheap laptop+Receiver to the aux RCA inputs on my car's cd player it would be fun to try. It would be great to have a random mix cued and just say 'next', without having to take the cellphone away from my ear to push skip :-) In fact, it's nearly a necessity for safely enjoying the Squeezebox while moving, so I'd say keep it around.