View Full Version : Still problems with MP3 tags in slimserver

Pascal Herczog
2004-04-13, 09:39
I am still having problems with quite a few MP3's where slimserver appears to display the filename as the title tag, but correctly reads the artist and album tags. I have checked and re-checked that the 2 tag version entries are the same for these files, and repeatedly deleted the cache and performed a re-scan.

Just recently I noticed that changing the text in a playlist file for a track that was only referenced by this one playlist caused the 'title' display part for the file referenced to change accordingly when browsing by directory. The playlist was originally created via WinAmp (just because it is soooo much easier to drag and drop than the slow navigation via slimserver!), and quite possibly the MP3 ID tags were a mess at that time.

But I don't understand why the 'title' ID display in slimserver (browse by directory) should be influenced by the text in a stored playlist, instead of just read from the actual MP3 file. Can someone in the know please confirm if this is the case and tell me if this is deliberate? If this is how it works, can someone tell me what the syntax of the playlist is that defines which text strings are for title, etc.

This problem currently means that quite a few songs show up on my slimp3 as

'Artist-title-192kbps' - 'Artist'

since the filenames are Artist-title-datarate.mp3