View Full Version : iTunes playlist frustration

2008-10-21, 10:18
I'm having a terrible time getting SqueezeCenter to properly load my iTunes playlists. Here's whats happening.

I have several folders in iTunes to divide up my various playlists. I also had far too many playlists in iTunes that were no longer being used so I deleted them.

However, when I rescan I am still seeing these playlists show up in SqueezeCenter. I even built an empty directory, copied over the latest iTunes playlist file into that directory, pointed SqueezeCenter at it and still am getting playlists showing up that should no longer exist.

Is there some cache file that I need to remove from SqueezeCenter or... ?
I'd be happy to be able to remove playlists from within SqueezeCenter but I haven't found any way to remove them there either.

Thanks for any advice. Its driving me nuts.