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Chris Baham
2004-04-13, 08:06
Files are all MP3's from older CD's that I have ripped over the past years.
Nothing special. I have a few AAC files but only about 5 or 6 that I have
bought through iTunes Music Store.

Somebody yesterday on a different forum suggested that my ISP may be
blocking port 80 and suggested that I should open up port 81. I didnšt
really understand how/why I should do that so, I have not as of yet. Do you
think that would help?


On 4/13/04 6:26 AM, "Ron Mellum" <rmellum (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> wrote:

> I found the same types of issues using iTunes on
> Windows. WinAmp doesn't seem to have the same issue.
> What format are your files, AAC or mp3? I had to
> convert my AAC's to mp3 to get the streaming to stop
> rebuffering (although your system is bigger than
> mine).
> Can you ssh into your system? If so, you might to run
> top while your streaming to see what the processor
> load is like.
> Ron
> --- Chris Baham <chris (AT) neoliquid (DOT) com> wrote:
>> Well, at first, it was telling me that no other
>> connections were allowed on
>> this stream. Then I came home at lunch, and quit
>> iTunes and Safari. Went
>> back to work, closed Safari and iTunes. Launched
>> Safari, loaded up the
>> index.html for the server then launched iTunes, and
>> tried to connect to
>> server stream.mp3. It started playing immediately,
>> but then, every 5
>> seconds, it would re-buffer. I tried to find some
>> settings in the server
>> through the web interface to re-incode for a lower
>> bit rate or something but
>> couldn?t so it just never worked. Any thoughts?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris
>> On 4/12/04 10:39 PM, "David N. Blank-Edelman"
>> <dnb (AT) ccs (DOT) neu.edu> wrote:
>>> On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 05:52:51PM -0700, Chris
>> Baham wrote:
>>>> I set up a server today on my home computer (Dual
>> 800 G4, 768mb Ram, 3mbit
>>>> Cable connection with I believe 128bit upload.
>> Tried logging on at work on
>>>> our Mac at work with iTunes. It would work.. Sort
>> of. Would re-buffer every
>>>> 5 seconds. Any thoughts? Thanks,
>>> Yes, I know precisely what this is because I
>> talked about a similar
>>> experience on this list. When the slimserver is
>> idling, i.e. sending
>>> silence to your player, it is sending data (albeit
>> data that represents
>>> silence) to your player at a bitrate of 320k.
>>> Cable upload speeds rarely offer that amount of
>> bandwidth, so iTunes feels
>>> the need to rebuffer almost constantly. You should
>> find when you play
>>> something (most likely encoded at a lower bitrate
>> than 320k) iTunes works
>>> just fine. I found that other players had similar
>> issues, but were less
>>> obnoxious about letting you know about the
>> rebuffering.
>>> Is this the case for you?
>>> In my case, the short answer was to simply not let
>> iTunes connect unless
>>> music was actually streaming.
>>> -- dNb