View Full Version : seeking into a flac/cuesheet

2008-10-20, 18:36

I have just finish to rip all my CD (around 350) to a single flac file with an external cuesheet. It work like a charm in foobar. Now I bought a nice Duet and seeking into a track in those file seem imposible. It work in single flac file but not when it is associated with a cuesheet.

Will it be possible with embedded cuesheet or is there some other work around for this. I would realy like to keep the cuesheet system.

I try too find a software (window based) for embedded cuesheet with no result??


2008-10-21, 02:20
I already reported this bug in bug tracker. Developers are fixing this issue.

2008-10-21, 18:25
meanwhile is there a quick fix to this problem???

I don't whan't to wait for 1 or 2 or maybe 3 update untill this bug will be fix... I'm sure that developers have much more important things to fix so....


2008-10-21, 18:45
Seeking withing a track on single-file-per-cd flacs with cuesheets isn't supported by SqueezeCenter. But this feature has been in the request hopper since 2005: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1426

This issue can't be solved until SC nativly supports this format. Currently, flacs of this type are transcoded on the fly by SC using the flac executable. This fact prevents any possibility of intra-track seeking. There is no quick and easy fix.

Josh Calson, the developer of flac, provided a theoretical solution to this problem back in 2005. With all the work being done now on new streaming, it's looking better and better for the possibility of this feature making it into SC 7.3.