View Full Version : Compacting Squeezecenter display

2008-10-20, 13:03
I just set up an Asus eee as my server. This has a 7" display. I loaded it with SqueezeCenter. I have been using Slimserver. SqueezeCenter seems decent enough but it is a display space hog compared to Slimserver. In particular I don't the way it insists on creating space for artwork. I really would like to be able to compact songs titles, album titles down to a single line of text like in Slimserver. With only a 7" display this is would much better.

Does anyone know how to concentrate more information on the screen?

2008-10-20, 13:22
Have you tried other skins? The 'Handheld' skin is very good for concentrating text on screen, and 'Touch' is also good for small screens.

2008-10-20, 14:01
And in the default skin there are text only options.