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Chris Baham
2004-04-13, 01:12
Well, at first, it was telling me that no other connections were allowed on
this stream. Then I came home at lunch, and quit iTunes and Safari. Went
back to work, closed Safari and iTunes. Launched Safari, loaded up the
index.html for the server then launched iTunes, and tried to connect to
server stream.mp3. It started playing immediately, but then, every 5
seconds, it would re-buffer. I tried to find some settings in the server
through the web interface to re-incode for a lower bit rate or something but
couldnąt so it just never worked. Any thoughts? Thanks,


On 4/12/04 10:39 PM, "David N. Blank-Edelman" <dnb (AT) ccs (DOT) neu.edu> wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 05:52:51PM -0700, Chris Baham wrote:
>> I set up a server today on my home computer (Dual 800 G4, 768mb Ram, 3mbit
>> Cable connection with I believe 128bit upload. Tried logging on at work on
>> our Mac at work with iTunes. It would work.. Sort of. Would re-buffer every
>> 5 seconds. Any thoughts? Thanks,
> Yes, I know precisely what this is because I talked about a similar
> experience on this list. When the slimserver is idling, i.e. sending
> silence to your player, it is sending data (albeit data that represents
> silence) to your player at a bitrate of 320k.
> Cable upload speeds rarely offer that amount of bandwidth, so iTunes feels
> the need to rebuffer almost constantly. You should find when you play
> something (most likely encoded at a lower bitrate than 320k) iTunes works
> just fine. I found that other players had similar issues, but were less
> obnoxious about letting you know about the rebuffering.
> Is this the case for you?
> In my case, the short answer was to simply not let iTunes connect unless
> music was actually streaming.
> -- dNb