View Full Version : Re: v5 problems

David Ferrington
2003-11-20, 07:33
Good day to you all, I have a problem

I lost my entire Mac OS 10.2.8 drive and install, so in rebuilding, tried
installing v5 of server, it doesn't appear to work as well as the previous
version, which I think was v4.
Looks like it only understands about one player or at least only seems to
support one player at restart - I have to powercycle the other players to
get them to connect.

I've tried to reinstall v4 (having found a copy of the installer locally),
but not convinced it has installed correctly over v5

How do I totally uninstall both servers and start again from scratch?

And is there a later v4 than 4.1b1 and where is it?

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