View Full Version : Scanner.pm and scanner.exe in windows

2008-10-20, 09:14

On the windows release I can see a Scanner.pm module and also a scanner.exe file in the Server directory.

Is scanner.exe a compiled version of scanner.pl for windows ?

The reason I ask is that I'd like to make a change to Scanner.pm, but at the moment I can't see that change reflected if I stop/start slimserver.

Is that because I am editing the source files and should recompile scanner.pl?

Apologies if this is a silly question.

2008-10-20, 09:28
The exe is indeed a compiled version of the pl file, also including the required other modules.

For windows, you either need the Perl Dev kit to compile changes. Otherwise, you can download ActivePerl from activestate.com. This gives you the ability to run the .pl files directly. This also means you get to see the effects of your changes without having to pay for the dev kit.