View Full Version : Minumim Wireless strength for synching SB3s

2008-10-20, 02:47

I have just had some success in synching by changing security protocol from WEP to WPA (7.2) but now I need to figure how far I can put the SB3 from the router (Belkin G+ not N). At the moment I am getting 30-38% on the strength meter which is causing rept drop-outs and rebuffering.

What is the minimum wireless strength to get a locked synched connection. If there is no set figure, just give me your ball park figures which work but only just...if you know what I mean.



2008-10-20, 04:53
Run network test and see if you can push 1 Mbit/s reliably - that allows you to stream pretty much everything. Anything less than that you'll probably be limited to compressed songs (but 256 or 320k sound pretty good :-)

I have a remote Boom in a location where it gets about 45% signal (G) and it can still play FLAC, provided I don't turn the microwave. :-) In the latter case, Squeezenetwork still works, though.