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2008-10-19, 15:18
Hi all,

I'm having real problems getting WOL to work. I suspect it may be a problem with my linksys router more than anything else, but I'm not all that clear on how WOL is meant to work with the Duet.

As I understand it, in order to wake my computer from standby (it's a wired connection and the NIC definitely supports WOL) I should press the button on the front of the Squeezebox receiver, right? This button shows blue when my computer is in standby mode. I do usually have the Squeezebox controller switched off - would this be a problem?

I've updated to the latest firmware version (7.2 - 22900 @ Tue Aug 26 11:27:23 PDT 2008 - Windows Vista - EN - cp1252) but still no joy. I'm pretty sure that I have the settings for the NIC correct but here they are in full:

"Shutdown Wake on Lan" : disabled
"Wake on Lan capabilities" : "Pattern match and Magic Packet"
"WOL and Shutdown link speed" : 100Mbps first

I have read that I should try setting my router to forward UDP packets on port 9 to my LAN's broadcast address ( but I can't do this on my router (Linksys WRT160N) as it only allows you to forward to IP addresses 0-254... I have tried setting it to forward port 9 to the static address of the computer in question but no joy there.

Can anyone help with this? I'd really like to get this up and running but am feeling really stuck...

Many thanks,


2008-10-20, 05:20
WOL works great for me with my SB3 and Duet 99% of the time (apart from the 1% when for some reason the Controller constantly tries to wake the server until i reboot the Controller), but i always wake the PC from the Controller - have you tried waking the PC from the Controller (menu option 'turn player X On' works for me)?

2008-10-20, 14:40
When I switch on the controller, it just gets to the "connecting to squeezebox" screen and gets stuck on that, so I don't get as far as the menu.

2008-10-21, 01:29
Have you tried to wake you PC from some other PC, Mac or Device? The first step should be to make sure the settings on your PC are correct so it actually can be woken by a WOL packet.

2008-10-21, 03:30
Running 7.2.1 I have exactly the same behavior as clarkeinho. Waking the server from a Squeezebox, the Transporter or from the PC works perfect. The controller sticks to the connecting msg though and nothing happens.

Right now I start up the server using the IR-Remote and pick up the controller after it woke up...


2008-10-21, 04:03
Yup, I get this as well. The controller regularly gets 'stuck' connecting to Squeezebox, connecting to the network, trying to select tracks, and when I do select music with the controller, the first 30 secs or so of each track (even on a playlist) are interrupted by (presumably) buffering silences. This doesn't happen using the Squeezebox remote, Harmony remote, PC or Nokia N810, so I rarely use the controller now :-(

The network signal is strong, and I have increased the buffering time for tracks, but to no avail.

2008-10-25, 09:51
Hi All,

Thanks for those who took the time to reply to this thread. I now have things working - it was my linksys router setup rather than squeezebox - so I thought I would just set out what I did to get things up and running.

Linksys makes things fiddly because with their router software you can't set up port forwarding to a x.x.x.255 address. This is the "broadcast" address for the whole network and means that anything sent to that port gets fowarded to the whole network - including the computer you need to wake up. This is important because a computer in sleep mode doesn't actually have an IP address so you can't just foward packets to the specific computer you want.

The way around this is to set up a DHCP "reservation" for the computer you want to be allocated a specific address (say You can then forward packets on port 9 (which is the port squeezebox uses) to that address. If you need instaructions to get the MAC address then please see below. Please also note that although all the documentation says you only need to do this for UDP packets, it doesn't work for me unless I also forward the TCP packets. Please also note that your computer does need to be using DHCP: allocating a static IP just doesn't seem to work, at least for me, although I'm not clear as to why it makes a difference.

You can test that things are working using two free programs: Wake-on-Lan (www.depicus.com/wake-on-lan/wake-on-lan-gui.aspx) and Wireshark (download from sourceforge.com). Wireshark is more techy but you probably don't need it unless things are really not working. Basically what it does is captures all network traffic through a particular interface so that you can see exactly what is being sent (ie: is the magic packet being sent from the squeezebox to wake up your PC). Wake-on-Lan GUI is a little tool which allows you to send the magic packet so you don't have to involve the squeezebox at this stage: always a good idea to isolate as many variables as possible! Using WOL-GUI you need to put in the MAC address of the computer you want to wake up (open a command window and type ipconfig/all on the PC - the MAC address is, confusingly, shown as the "physical address"), the IP address you have set as the DHCP reservation, and the port number. You can leave the subnet mask alone, and it should work over the internet or the local subnet although I have to confess I haven't ever needed to do it over the internet.

If your PC wakes successfully using WOL-GUI, then it should also wake by you pressing the button on the front of your squeezebox receiver, at least so long as it is blue to begin with!

So, quick checklist is:
- check your BIOS options on your PC are set to allow WOL
- check the "advanced" properties on your network card are all set to allow WOL as well.
- update Squeezebox software to latest version (minimum 7.2.1)
- update your network card drivers to latest version
- make sure squeezecenter is running as a SERVICE, not an application
- set your PC to use DHCP
- if your router allows you to forward ports to broadcast addresses (x.x.x.255) then forward port 9 (TCP & UDP) to your LAN broadcast address (probably or If you are using a linksys router then create a DHCP reservation for your PC, and forward port 9 packets to that address.
- test with WOL-GUI
- if it's successful then it should also work from your squeezebox receiver; if not then you can use Wireshark to analyse the network traffic and hopefully find out what's going wrong...

Sorry if this is too longwinded but it's taken me ages to track down and collate the various bits of info I needed from all over the net, so I figured someone might find it useful.

All the best,