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2008-10-19, 12:09
Hi all!

Since I have my Transporter I experience problems with M3U playlists.
If I browse through my music collection on TP and want to play an album for which I created a playlist with winamp I just click the PL but nothing happens.
In Transporter's second display is written "Nichts" which ist the german word for "None" or "Nothing".
M3Us are located in the same DIR as the tracks.

What's wrong with my M3Us??

Here's an example:

#EXTINF:305,Zero 7 - I Have Seen
Zero 7 - I Have Seen.mp3
#EXTINF:287,Zero 7 - Polaris
Zero 7 - Polaris.mp3
#EXTINF:337,Zero 7 - Destiny
Zero 7 - Destiny.mp3
#EXTINF:317,Zero 7 - Give It Away
Zero 7 - Give It Away.mp3
#EXTINF:263,Zero 7 - Simple Things
Zero 7 - Simple Things.mp3
#EXTINF:340,Zero 7 - Red Dust
Zero 7 - Red Dust.mp3
#EXTINF:316,Zero 7 - Distractions
Zero 7 - Distractions.mp3
#EXTINF:272,Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line
Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line.mp3
#EXTINF:288,Zero 7 - Out Of Towm
Zero 7 - Out Of Town.mp3
#EXTINF:337,Zero 7 - This World
Zero 7 - This World.mp3
#EXTINF:363,Zero 7 - Likufanele
Zero 7 - Likufanele.mp3
#EXTINF:218,Zero 7 - End Theme
Zero 7 - End Theme.mp3

I'm running SqueezeCenter on my QNAP TS-209 pro II:

SqueezeCenter-Version: 7.2 - 22900 @ Tue Aug 26 10:59:02 PDT 2008 - Linux - DE - utf8
Transporter firmware: 62

Any ideas?

Greetings from Germany,

2008-10-21, 03:50
i switched to a qnap 409 pro recently and found i need to provide full paths to the tracks to make my m3u lists work properly. (linux paths!)

/volume1/Music/vorbis/LTJ Bukem/....
(careful: case sensitive!)

also, i found that SC running on linux can not read/parse playlists with special characters in them (though that does not seem to apply to your example). the symptoms are the same as you were describing.

since you are in germany, i suspect you will run in to that problem sooner or later with , , and . (as did i)

if you do, vote for the bug here: