View Full Version : Genre Browsing

Tom Conrad
2004-04-12, 19:56
I noticed that somewhere along the way it seems a change was made in
the server that effects the time at which the genre tree is populated.
I believe that SlimServer used to create a complete cache of the browse
tree at startup or after a rescan. It seems that it now it lazily
populates the tree as I browse -- so the first time I walk down a node,
there is a very long pause before the artists appear -- on my dual
450Mhz G4 it can take minutes for a genre with lots of artists to load
the first time. Subsequent visits to that node are instantaneous;
other nodes exhibit the long pause on the first visit. When I update
my library it seems to invalidate the cache for all the genres and I
have to endure the slow browsing node-by-node again. Is there any way
to configure the server so that it parses the browser information and
populates the cache in the background or on startup/rescan? As it
stands now, I'm reluctant to browse by genre because the delays make it
kind of unusable which is kind of a shame because this used to be the
main way that I explored my music.

Thanks in advance for any tip on how to improve the situation -- I love
the product. Keep up the good work.