View Full Version : Set On/Off times?

2008-10-18, 15:43
I was wondering if there is anyway to use my squeezebox with my PVR to record some radio shows that I like. I was hoping to have it turn on at 1100 and cue up a radio station, then turn off at 1400 with the output feeding my Archos 605 PVR dock.


2008-10-18, 16:04
Sure, you can use the CLI, Web interface, JSON/Comet, or probably xPL to send commands to the Squeezebox in conjunction with simple scripts run from cron (Mac/Linux) or the Windows task scheduler.

2008-10-19, 09:01
Thanks peter - I did some digging and set up some expect scripts to run as cron jobs on my server. One runs at 1100 and turns the player on and plays the stream...the second turns the player off. Hopefully the stream url doesn't change daily or that will really complicate things.