View Full Version : Still no Internet Radio

2008-10-18, 12:05
I am running the latest nightly build (18th).
I can access shoutcast direct from the PC with SC.
I get a timed out message every time I try to connect to a radio station.
I also still cannot change music source to Squeezenetwork.

I did contact support, USA, and although they were very helpful they couldnt get it to work. I am still waiting for UK support to contact me.

Any ideas please?

2008-10-18, 12:42
To connect to SqueezeNetwork, your player must have access to Internet through router. Sounds like your player is being blocked by Router or does not have complate network configuration (e.g. missing gateway address)

2008-10-18, 12:49
The machine has perfect access to the Internet, as far as I can tell :)

I can use WInamp to stream shoutcast from it fine.

2008-10-18, 13:35
The player (SB3, Boom, Transport, SBR) should have access to internet as well as the PC. Just because PC can play shoutcast on Winamp doesn't mean player can access internet direct through router.

What player are you using ?

If it is an SB3, use Left Arrow on remote to get to firmware settings and look at current settings. Check all the network settings.

2008-10-18, 13:55
Thank you, its so obovius now you said it, I wondered why all the focus has been on whether the SC PC can access!

I have a Duet. I have gone into SC>Advanced>Network and there is nothing there that looks like it could be causing problems.

Do I need to forward Port 9000 to the receiver please? If so I cannot see where to give it a manual IP address.

I have firmware 48 installed.

Thank you.

2008-10-18, 14:28
If you are using DHCP then it is likely receiver is setup OK.

Not sure about enabling any port forwarding. If you have enabled security measures on the router (e.g. mac filtering, blocked ports) you should temporarily remove the security. If the receiver can then connect, you'll know it is a router security issue.

2008-10-18, 14:42
I connect it via a wire so I dont have any of those, and other, problems.

I can ping the unit okay, however when I go into SN and look under players I can only see the controller listed, and that is showing not connected.

I have to think that this problem and not being able to connect the music source to SN are linked somehow.

2008-10-18, 15:16
No way, fixed it!!
I put the receiver inside the DMZ settings of my router and it works.

Wicked :)