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2004-04-12, 17:50
One possible cause for my problem, and I have no idea
if this makes sense:-) is that I get this list via
yahoo mail and I saved the text of the attachment in
the message as a text file, give the document a McPL
creator code and a .pm file extension. This may not be
the right thing to do. When I download a plugin from
another site where it appears in it's own page, Safari
saves it as a perl file with a .pm extension by
default. These plugins works fine. Likewise a plugin
that comes as a separate attachment retrieved by my
email client, unlike what I did with yahoo (I didn't
see the download link at the bottom until later:-().
Could this be the issue?


--- Dave Scott <kiwidave (AT) starhub (DOT) net.sg> wrote:
> On 13 Apr 2004, at 4:19, Dan Aronson wrote:
> > fauxfrenchdeux wrote:
> >
> >> On OSX 10.3.3 and the 4/8 nightly build, i have
> tried
> >> to get the Live Music Archive plugin to work to
> no
> >> avail. I saved the attachment as a text perl
> file,
> >> placed it in ~/Library/SlimDevices/plugins
> folder. The
> >> plugin shows up in the server and is activated,
> but it
> >> does not appear on the Squeezebox itself. Any
> hints
> >> would be appreciated.
> >>
> > um, it works for me under 10.2.8 with the released
> 5.1.1. You could
> > try specifying d_plugins as a debug option and
> look at the log.
> > --dan
> Hmm - I have the same problem with Live Music
> Archive Plugin, and even
> more confusing, the Rescan Library Plugin doesn't
> show up either.
> Accessing server set up via Fishbone shows all 7
> plugins activated -
> however Slmp3 & Softsqueeze only show 5 plugins ...
> Setup - Tibook 1 GHz, 10.3.3 nightly build 11/4
> Live Music Archive in ~/Library/SlimDevices/plugins
> folder, Rescan
> Library as part of the package ..
> Check permissions on the standard package plugins ..
> all are set the
> same ..
> Interesting
> Dave Scott

David N. Blank-Edelman
2004-04-12, 22:39
On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 05:52:51PM -0700, Chris Baham wrote:
> I set up a server today on my home computer (Dual 800 G4, 768mb Ram, 3mbit
> Cable connection with I believe 128bit upload. Tried logging on at work on
> our Mac at work with iTunes. It would work.. Sort of. Would re-buffer every
> 5 seconds. Any thoughts? Thanks,

Yes, I know precisely what this is because I talked about a similar
experience on this list. When the slimserver is idling, i.e. sending
silence to your player, it is sending data (albeit data that represents
silence) to your player at a bitrate of 320k.

Cable upload speeds rarely offer that amount of bandwidth, so iTunes feels
the need to rebuffer almost constantly. You should find when you play
something (most likely encoded at a lower bitrate than 320k) iTunes works
just fine. I found that other players had similar issues, but were less
obnoxious about letting you know about the rebuffering.

Is this the case for you?

In my case, the short answer was to simply not let iTunes connect unless
music was actually streaming.

-- dNb