View Full Version : What should I do when players get out of sync?

2008-10-18, 08:00

Usually sync works perfetct, but occasionally they will play out of sync (see my footer for setup details).

What should I do when players get out of sync?

I usually try switching the SB's off and on or press play, sometimes I even unplug the power of one of the SB's and then turn it back on.

I haven't found a simple way of getting them back in sync again, it usually takes a couple of tries or I just give up.

Any ideas on this (also on how to prevent the out-of-sync to appear in the first place)?

Thanks in advance for any help

2008-10-19, 06:54
In the past when I had sync problems I found that skipping to the next track often straightened things out. I would have thought that re-starting a track would be just as effective, but it didn't seem to be. Also you might want to try out 7.3 beta -- the new streaming code should have general benefits for sync'd players, including gapless play.

2008-11-02, 10:49
I have the same problem. When I skip to another track the synchronization lost track also. Sometimes there isn't a problem at all!
I have 3 SB3 with fw 7.21 on board.

I also want to now how to prevent this. Is this a bug in the software?