View Full Version : Can't Update Firmware on SliMP3

Kevin Guidry
2004-04-12, 16:40
--- dean blackketter <dean (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com> wrote:
> The real problem is that for some reason your server
> can't communicate
> with the player. Try restarting the player and see
> if you can ping its
> address.

I can ping it at the last address it grabbed from
DHCP. There is also a corresponding entry in the ARP
table. I still receive the same errors.
And get this - the damn thing won't even locate my
SliMP3 server! Even if I enter the address manually.
The server is up and running as I can connect to it
with Winamp (from other computers, too).
Oh, and I don't have a firewall running.
Any other suggestions?


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